--- Nicholas Bodley <nbodley@...> wrote:
> Brief message...
> I finally came to the right place... Maybe somebody
> here
> could give me the Unicode IPA equivalent of /xh/, if
> so?
> IIrc, the [!] in !kung (iirc) is a click.
> (Remember Miriam Makeba's "Click song"? it contains
> a word
> starting with a double click, something like
> "!!shaa".)
> Some time ago, I was in a washroom at work, along
> with a
> cheerful fellow from Africa; as I was washing up, I
> made a
> click for fun, and he replied with one so loud it
> almost made
> my ears hurt! All in fun.
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> who can make maybe three or four kinds of clicks.
Yes, <xh> in Xhosa *is* a click: an aspirated
retroflex one (I think...).

Robert Lloyd Wheelock
Augusta, ME USA