2003-01-24 08:40:08, John Cowan <cowan@...> wrote:

>That glossary, with corrections, is online at
>However, it defines neither abugida nor abjad nor
morphosyllabary. (Still
>waiting for a cover term for these and the others.)


Oh, my...At first, I was surprised, thinking this was a case
of "Please RTFM"; (I own a copy of the 3.0 Standard book).
However, as I checked, I didn't see candrabindu, tatweel
(yes, Arabic; stroke lengthener, fairly sure) or virama in
the book; the last (and halant) are in the online version
though. Their omission (maybe for good reason) was why I had
forgotten about that glossary for these terms, because I must
have looked them up a good while ago.


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