Nicholas Bodley wrote:

> (A book* about the Fifth Generation Project in Japan
> maintained that its real intention was to facilitate use of
> Japanese in computers, to make use of it as easy as English.
> The book contained what seemed to me a quite good, if
> concise, introduction to written Japanese.)
> *J. Marshall Unger, The Fifth Geneneration Fallacy...
> NY, 1987, OUP

Jim Unger is a professor of Japanese at Ohio State. This book was a huge
success, but I didn't know him until years after it became thoroughly
unavailable -- I've never even seen a copy in a usedbook store.

He is a student and close associate of John DeFrancis, professor
emeritus of Chinese at Hawaii, who wrote the best general book on
writing until mine (if I can only find some publisher who won't insist
that there is "no market" for such a book).
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