Peter T. Daniels wrote:
> > Although I do hope to obtain a copy of WWS, in the meantime,
> > it might be helpful to those of us (anyone else?) who are
> > here to learn (aren't we all?)... to have a concise glossary
> > of such terms as one finds in The Unicode Standard book;
> > specifically, terms in the general category of virama,
> > candrabindu, tatweel, etc.
> Those aren't grammatology terms, they're Sanskrit philology terms (the
> last one seems to be Arabic, though).

Right. Those are just term which are relevant to the text of the Unicode
Standard. Many of those terms come from typography, but they are often given
a very special meaning which only makes sense in the context of Unicode.

Tatweel ("تطويل" = "lengthening") is in fact an Arabic typographic term.

It is a special glyph (resembling "_"), which is used in lead typography to
lengthen the space between letters, in order to justify the text on both
sides. Notice that, to obtain the same effect, Western typography lengthens
the blank space between words.

_ Marco