> > >The 'tourism-inspired'
> > > allegation, apart from being
> > >unproven/unprovable, is unfair
> > > and highly 'loaded.'
> >
> > That statement is unfair and
> > highly 'loaded'.
> >
> Agreed, but on the basis that any
> indication of a 'loaded statement'
> will, of necessity, itself be
> loaded; and 'unfair,' on the basis,
> referred to earlier, that tourism is
> not necessarily stigmatised in that
> way.

Excuse me, but this whole discussion seems loaded with a bit of nonsense.

That mysterious anthropologist told me that HE GUESSED that those Maya
numerals were more likely decorative elements inspired from the nearby
archaeological remains, rather than a numbering system used for any
practical purpose.

There is no theory, no hidden agenda, no loaded statement, no stigmatization
of anything and anybody. The conversation occurred more than two years ago,
and I am not even sure that the guy actually mentioned tourists or used
different wording.

I mentioned this only because somebody on this list was present when I asked
the question the first time, so they might have asked: you already were
answered on this, why asking again?

_ Marco