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>An archaeologist can describe an attempt to revive Mayan numerals as
>tourism-inspired. However, he cannot prove it

In science, a hypothesis cannot ever be proven; it can be disproved by
empirical evidence, or "confirmed", i.e. empirical evidence that follows
the predictions of the model strengthens our confidence in the model.

>The 'tourism-inspired' allegation, apart from being
>unproven/unprovable, is unfair and highly 'loaded.'

That statement is unfair and highly 'loaded'. It's possible that the
person in question may have talked to several people in the community and
asked them why they used Mayan numerals. If so, and if he got answers
along the line that it attracted the interest of tourists, then I'd say
that the hypothesis got some confirmation. Of course, it may have been
nothing more than a guess on his part. The point it, we don't know on what
basis the comment was made. I think it's unfair to jump to the conclusion
that the comment had nothing to support it.

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