Stephen Chrisomalis wrote:
> > Michael Everson wrote:
> >
> > My informant informs me:
> >
> > >As far as I know, Cyrillic letters are still used numerically in
> > >Russian Church Slavonic. I just pulled Alypii's Church Slavonic
> > >Grammar (Jordanville, NY, 1984; first ed. 1964) off my shelf, and
> > >although the pages are numbered with Arabic numerals, the chapters
> > >and verses in the sample texts (from the Acts of the Apostles) at
> > >the back of the book are numbered with Cyrillic letters. Note that
> > >this is a grammar of modern Russian Church Slavonic, not Old Church
> > >Slavonic.
> >
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> Thanks for the quick response! I'm not at all surprised that it's still
> used liturgically, since this is the only context where most alphabetic
> numerals continue to be used today.

But is that "using," or is that preserving an archaic practice out of
reverence for the antique sources?

You would need to find a modern religious book with page numbers in the
alphabetic numerals (as is still done in Hebrew and sometimes Arabic
publishing), or something like that, to be sure.
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