> Yes, OK. I think the 'bad' school
> started that.

This is not an elementary school.

> My aim is to
> demonstrate the relevance of some of
> his main themes to alphabets.

If Chomsky wrote any work about writing system, feel free to review
and discuss it. Any other opinion about Chomsky is off topic.

Nothing personal against Noam Chomsky (au contraire, I greatly admire
him), but linguists and *linguistics* itself are off topic here.

> Is Etaonsh good or bad at quoting?
> > Agreed.
[... big snip ...]

I did not make example of off-topic subjects for you to add more off-
topic comments!

Your exceeded your off-topic quota now! Further off-topic messages
from you will be rejected. If you will insist in off-topic posting,
you will be asked to leave.