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> etaonsh wrote:
> > Chomsky has succeeded in getting
> > message that language influences
> > thought into the media. This is
> Really? Where?
Popular scientific journals.
> You'll find plenty of references
to "The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis,"
> deals with that topic. No one
refers to a "Chomsky Hypothesis"
> those lines.
This is an example of how Academe is
in a completely different world to
the outside world (without implied
criticism of either).
> What does it have to do with the
subject matter of group/qalam?
Alphabets are imposed by what
appears to be a consensus of parents
and teachers, but is it a true, free
> > relevant to alphabets, as is
> > 'manufactured consnsus.' If too
> For the third time: his phrase was
"Manufactured Consent."
Perhaps it was, previously. But he
has moved on, now, the
'manufacturing' of an imposed
'consensus' is now a recurrent theme
from Noam Chomsky both on TV and in
the press. Clearly thereis a
politics behind both the issue and
it's suppression - today's 'Romans'
don't want any criticism of their
laws, methods, or alphabets (one of
the most basic 'hall-marks' of a
> What does it have to do with the
subject matter of group/qalam?
Some people like to discuss the
history and future of spelling and
even alphabet reform. A
'manufactured consensus' tends to
say, 'There is no need to discuss
future spelling/alphabet reform.'
And this will affect our thought,
arguably, deleteriously.