etaonsh wrote:
> To me, Chomsky is the genius behind
> the coining of the word
> 'psycholinguistics' and the phrase

Wrong. It was in use by 1952, when Chomsky was still doing math and
hadn't even reconceptualized himself as a linguist.

BTW your posts are _very_ hard to read -- can you do something about
your line length, and also put spaces before and after your interspersed

> 'manufactured consensus.' Both of
> these terms are immortal and sorely
> needed for progress in the areas of
> subject development and sociology
> (including the popular, non-academic
> variety) respectively. They are
> words we need to take us forward in
> our collegiate planning and our
> understanding of capitalist
> oppression. Chomsky also brought to
> the surface discussion of the
> obvious but hidden effect of
> language (including individual
> language) on thought.

You're confusing Chomsky with quite a few other linguists here.

> Despite having the simple virtue of
> genius, Chomsky is a victim of an
> age of labourism/work(er)ism, in
> which academics measure their worth
> in terms of over-production of
> superfluous 'stuffing;' it is as if
> they would fail to recognise genius
> were it not hidden in the thickness
> of a tome. But those days are coming
> to an end. So I spew away Chomsky's
> 'chaff' while delighting in his
> 'wheat.'
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