* Peter T. Daniels
| Is there some way that messages from "qalam" could be identified in
| the header?

The best solution to that problem is to take all messages that have
"qalam@yahoogroups.com" in either the "To" or the "Cc" field and
filter them into a special mail folder.

That's really the only way to stay sane if you subscribe to several
mailing lists.

That said, it is possible to configure YahooGroups to add a [qalam]
tag to every message. Personally I don't like that (it's just useless
clutter, especially when messages bounce across lists), but I don't
object very strongly to it either.

| BTW McManus in WWS says ogham "continued to be studied" down to the
| 17th century -- that is, the tradition never died out and there was
| no "decipherment."

Use is different from study, though, and surely the study of Ogham has
continued down to the present day? It would be interesting to know how
long it was used.

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