> I have divided the picture in little squares
> (correct?)


> and, perhaps, I have
> detected a punctuation sign (a dot in the middle of
> an empty square, right?),


> but I can't see any relationship between
> the upper part of squares
> and consonants, or the lower part of squares and
> vowels.

there is none

> How does it work?

Sorry, I shouldn't have written "consonant and vowel
upon each other", but rather "into each other".
Syllable-onset consonants always cross the center of
each square. Syllabic vowels never do so. They always
fit in a rhomb which results by joining the central
points of the four sides of each square. Consonant
clusters in the onset are marked by points added
anywhere in the square, consonant in the syllable coda
occupy the boundary of the square (or are omitted as
in many older Spanish texts), non-syllabic vowels have
lines pointing towards the center of the square (as
the consonants).

I notice, that attempt to catch shapes with words is
far too complicated, I will have to put some picture
on the web.

Sorry again for my imprecise formulation which made
you search a wrong way.


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