danielyacob wrote:
> looks like yahoo dropped this one, or maybe I clicked the wrong thing:
> oops! think the expression is "..or forever hold your peace" in that
> last mail.
> Anyway, I'm hoping people here might know terms for two orthographic
> occurances. The first a term for the practice of superimposing a
> foreign typeface style on a script. For example rendering Hiragana in
> a European Gothic typeface, or writing Roman with Japanese style
> strokes?


> The next would be a term for the practice of applying ancient rules to
> the spelling of new words? I don't have a good example here that
> could be widely understood, by "ancient" I include 100 years and
> later.

Historicizing spelling?

> I've been thinking that there should be a term analogous to
> "anthropomorphize" that should apply here, perhaps "typomophize" then
> for the first case?

But it isn't limited to typefaces!
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