danielyacob wrote:
> Marco,
> > I notice that the draft document does not show any code numbers.
> How is the
> > character set encoded exactly, in terms of bytes?
> Encoding is beyond the scope of the effort. Actually I was
> surprised to find that the draft indicated that the table was to
> present a sort order as well. The thrust of the effort is to
> establish the Ethiopic repetoire of characters, for which there has
> never been a consensus for. One must first know what it is you are
> going to encode before encoding it ;)

I think Wolf Leslau told me -- but I may have read it in Hartmann's(?)
grammar -- that there is not absolutely fixed repertoire of Amharic
characters: that it's possible to invent letters for combinations as
they are needed. An example is the <riya> that's included in my chapter
in Hetzron's *Semitic Languages*.

> Honestly I don't expect QSAE will propose a new encoding scheme,
> just the repetoire of elements that should be available to Ethiopic
> software, irregardless of the encoding.
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