Daniel Yacob wrote:
> I'm mailing my comments back today on the QSAE's (Quality and
> Standards Authority of Ethiopia) draft proposal on the Ethiopic
> character set and remembered this group. For those interested,
> comments may be submitted up until March 6th. The draft and an online
> response form can be found here:

I notice that the draft document does not show any code numbers. How is the
character set encoded exactly, in terms of bytes?

I am also curios about a character which is shown on page 4, in the cell
below digit "9": it looks like an upside down exclamation point. What is it
used for in Ethiopic.

Finally, the only remark that I would do is that it does not seem a good
idea that digit "0" comes after digit "9", rather than before digit "1".

I think that Ethiopic programmers will not be happy with this arrangement:
if the digits were contiguously allocated in the order "0-9", programs which
parse numbers can simply derive the numerical value of each digit by
subtracting the code of character "0" from the code of each digit. With the
current ordering, digit zero needs a special processing.

Daniel, do you know a possible rationale for this arrangement?

_ Marco