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>> Does anyone know of any good sites about Nüshu? I'm very interested
>> in Nüshu, and many other chinese minority scripts, like the Yi
>> syllabary and the Naxi/Geba/Dongba script.
>Michael Everson <everson@...> may be able to help you.
>-Doug Ewell


Heh heh heh. No, yes, no, seriously, I have some links and stuff. I
have some hardcopy dictionaries, actually. I also have some deadlines
and won't be able to get to this at all soon in any way

There's a book on Nushu called something like "we know the script and
we are friends" which is pretty much It regarding that.

Yi comes in two flavours, one of which is completely encoded in
Unicode. The other of which is very messy....

Tompa (yet another name) is wierd and interesting. I'm interested in
the phonetic variety which is encodable. The other variety is

Honestly that's all I can say right now....
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