On 11/12/2001 07:03:09 AM "Peter T. Daniels" wrote:

>> More to the point, though, I have suggested reasons why someone might
>> interested in a comparisonof scripts based on synchronic properties,
>> you have not shown all of those reasons to be invalid. I hope you will
>> concede, then, that there's nothing wrong with others wanting to pursue
>> that endeavour even if it holds no interest for you.
>Then why do you keep nagging _me_ about it?

I'm nagging you? You've told Lars and me that our interest is totally
unfounded, and when we've explained why we have an interest you've simply
reiterated that our interest is unfounded. If you don't want me to provide
a justification for my interests, then why did you bother to ask for it?

- Peter

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