That doesn't sound quite right, either ... See p. 220 of *The World's
Writing Systems*. The k is ¬ depicting the raised tongue-back; the n is
L depicting the raised tongue-tip; the s is ^ depicting the lower teeth;
the m is a square depicting the lips; the ng is a circle depicting the
throat. And all the other letters are derived from those shapes.

The vowels represent Heaven (round dot), Earth (horizontal), and Man

Gerald Lange wrote:
> Dear Peter
> I will easily admit that this thread is way beyond my understanding,
> but as a child looking up at the sky and asking why it is blue I do
> have a question about this.
> I recently attended a Korean typographer's lecture where he mentioned
> that pictographic symbols would be altered based on where the tongue
> was placed when it made the sound.
> Am I reading your response wrong?
> Gerald
> >
> > No. There is no writing system that has structural units that correspond
> > to points of articulation, air mechanisms, etc. Something like that would
> > be theoretically possible but incredibly inefficient to read or write.
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