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>Iveri Stvilia wrote:
>> I saw this documentary (see this site for more info:
> > ) regarding a
>> Chinese-derived script called Nu Shu and was wondering if anyone had
>> any more detailed information or diagrams of this.
>> ...
>> PS i am also looking for information regarding the Xi Xia (Tangut)
>> script/language.
>You may want to check with Michael Everson <everson@...>. Michael is
>the Irish representative to ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2/WG2, the working group that
>develops and maintains ISO/IEC 10646 (Unicode). He has worked hard for years
>gathering information on minority scripts such as these and proposing them for
>encoding in 10646.

Yes, and if anyone knows a philanthropist who wants to support the
work, give him my name and address.

About Nüshu, it's now been roadmapped for eventual addition to
Unicode. The best source reference is

Chiang, William W. "We Two Know The Script; We Have Become Good
Friends: Linguistic and Social Aspects of The Women's Script Literacy
in Southern Hunan, China". University Press of America, 1995.

It derives from Chinese but is generally phonetic. It's not in widespread use.

Apparently in Taiwan they are working on Tangut.
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