Dear Marco

Well, we very may might have. Probably lost now forever.

What if the moulds were out of round, in similar fashion (actually, why would
they be perfectly round)?

There you go.

Think the mould idea would answer the oddities of impression one side to
another, by the by, and the use of templates would hardly be absurd, given
that most makers of artifacts—that are somewhat repeatable in their
making—quickly catch on to the idea of templates.

Since, it is considered, in some circles, the "earliest printed document," we
only missed out on the "earliest edition printed docusment."

But perhaps we have beaten this one to death.


Marco Cimarosti wrote:
> Gerald Lange wrote:
> > In regard to your first paragraph, I'd say templates would
> > solve the problem.
> >
> > In regard to your second paragraph, I'd say you win!!!
> I am really disappointed: I thought you would have come up with some
> unbeatable argument, so that tomorrow we could open the newspaper and read:
> "Members of an Internet Mailing List Discover the Earliest Printed Document
> of Mankind". :-) Instead, we'll just read about more bombings, victims,
> retaliations, etc. :-(
> _ Marco
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