Dear Marco

In regard to your first paragraph, I'd say templates would solve the problem.

In regard to your second paragraph, I'd say you win!!!


Marco Cimarosti wrote:
> Gerald Lange wrote:
> > Thought I speculated that there would have to be two masters.
> > Also moulds do not have to be containment. Clay could have
> > been flattened down onto one mould [...] Excess clay would
> > not have to be trimmed off as the clay would not necessarily
> > have to fill the moulds to their edges. [...]
> In this case, the resulting disk should have a convenient white margin,
> because clay is not transparent, so there is no way of putting the second
> mould exactly in the correct position.
> On the contrary, in both faces, the signs of the outer circles are very
> close to the edge. The disk is not perfectly circular, still the signs seem
> to "follow" the edge, on *both* faces.
> _ Marco
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