Since a formal proposal has been made to include Shavian in ISO 10646, I
went looking sites for information about Shavian. I questioned whether it
was actually readable - it certainly didn't seem to fulfill the claims of
legibility that were made for it.

After reading some of the web pages deriding the Latin script's suitability
for writing English, I started to wonder if anyone has ever seriously
proposed a Latin phonetic script for English. There may not be a letter for
sh in English, but there is in Esperanto and Czech. There's a letter for
most English sounds that are normally ambigious or digraphic in writing, in
some language that uses the Latin script. To my untrained (and probably
highly biased) eye, the Latin script looks to be one of the most readable in
the world, so English may as well stay with it. Has such a proposal been

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