Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone knows of any non-Chinese references
(e.g., English, Japanese, other Western, etc) about WANG Zhao's
\u738b\u7167 Guanhua Zimu \u5b98\u8a71\u5b57\u6bcd 'Mandarin letters'
alphabet/syllabary invented in 1900 to write Mandarin Chinese (later
adapted and expanded by LAO Naixuan \u52de\u4e43\u5ba3 for other Chinese

This scan is from p. 82 of Eugene A. Nida, ed., _The Book of a Thousand
Tongues_, 2nd ed. (London: United Bible Societies, 1972), one of four
illustrations of Guanhua Zimu in the book, and incidently all used to
write some variety of Mandarin:

Nida 1972 calls them by various names: "Wang Chao Phonetic Character",
"Wang Chao Phonetic System", "Wang Chao Phonetics". The references he
gives (Bible ones, but use of Guanhua Zimu was not limited to
that) date from 1918-1925, and all are various varieties of Mandarin.


Thomas Chan