Marco Cimarosti <marco.cimarosti@...> wrote:
> Well, you are definitely more experienced in your
> language's script than any
> Italian can be!

Because of the different cultures, the Persian
handwriting is somehow different from Arabic. I'm not
experienced in Arabic more than what we studied in
school about it. So I have never been exposed to a
handwriting of someone of Arabic origin.

> Anyway, yes, I meant any kind of kaf. I just forgot
> to list the 3rd one in
> Unicode (06AA).

As I told, it shouldn't be any kind of Kaf. Neither
U+0643, nor U+06A9, nor U+06AA. In my eye.
And I can't guess what it really is. But again it
may be Kaf, as I don't know how the Arabic language
people write that in handwriting.


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