Apart from that seven-like symbol, I also wonder about
the Ain with circumflex. Is it U+06A0 ARABIC LETTER
AIN WITH THREE DOTS ABOVE? (It's not Ghain, because
ghain also exists in the text). Unicode says that the
letter is used in old Malay. I don't know about the
roots of old Malay, but there are certain Arabic
(language) words in the text. But again, why the
writer has included all the points? Is this a child


--- Bob_Hallissy@... wrote:

> Can anyone give any information on this text?
> Obviously it is Arabic based.
> But can anyone pinpoint either the region of the
> world or the language?
> Maybe even a translation? Also, any guesses what the
> first few characters
> in the highlighted text are? The sequence is present
> several times.

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