Michael Everson wrote (on unicode@...):
> At 08:56 -0400 2001-05-16, Martin Heijdra wrote:
> >There was a photo in Sunday's New York Times. The long article (more
> >informative than the one cited here), but not the photo, is
> on its Web site.
> >It was a seal with 4 signs.
> Which you are scanning in and posting up on a site so we can have a
> look, right?

Yes, it would be great to see the photo. The rest of the article is here:


In order to read it, one has to register and get an id & password. (Typical
of our age: our privacy is violated even just for reading a newspaper!)

I wanted to forward it to these mailing lists, but the NYT copyright notice
is quite clear in that articles can only be downloaded for "private use".

_ Marco