David Starner <dstarner98@...> wrote:

> I went back in the archives and pulled out your script. Did you
> stop working on it due to the comments on this list?

Not at all. All of the significant work on my script was completed around 1980.
Since then I removed the digits, then added them back, and most recently (based
on comments on the ConScript Unicode Registry proposal) took them out again.
The CSUR proposal gave me an opportunity to describe already-designed behavior
(like ligation and combining accent marks) in Unicode terms, but everything else
is the same.

Michael Everson offered to make a font (though not exactly for free :) and
currently the ball is in my court to provide comments and corrections on the
first-draft font he had already made. I strongly suspect that acceptance in
CSUR is contingent on closing the font deal, and the mercenary feel of this has
soured me a little on following up with him, although I can see his point that a
script without a font is of limited practical use.

> Is there a standard association of sound to letter? How is it
> supposed to be used in writing?

I had specified this in the CSUR proposal, which I will e-mail to you. (If
anyone else wants a copy, just ask. As of 2001-04-30 I still have no Web site
to post the proposal.)

I need to come up with a sample text to show what Ewellic text looks like, but
until I do, just think of Runic text with the occasional acute accent.

-Doug Ewell
posting from work in Irvine, California