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> If you have a PC with Windows XP and use MS Word, opt for the font Arial Unicode, you'll see that the phonetic symbols, and many others, are available in the Insertions folder the 4th starting from the left).
> Otherwise the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL) IPA fonts are quite good ... and free.

For MS Word users, I've just uploaded a set of Word macros
that convert Latin-1 input into sort-of-IPA (and also to
Slavic accentological symbols). Tested with the Doulos SIL
Unicode font, version 4.0.10, to be found for free at:

The .dot file is in
and is called IPA_Slavic.dot. Install it in the Word
startup directory to have the macros always available (the
menu items "Format/IPA" and "Format/Slavic" must be saved to
Normal.dot in order for them to be available). I don't know
if this works on Word for Mac.

The Latin-1 input is basically my Latin-1/IPA encoding
scheme, and the output is IPA, except where I don't like it
(affricates, etc.). See examples in teh .dot file itself.

I'm crossposting to cybalist, in case there's any interest

Miguel Carrasquer Vidal