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>> Some (most) of these symbols are ambiguous (but my transcrition is
>> meant to be machine-readable anyway). H is the pharyngeal
>fricative, R a
>> uvular rhotic, W the voiceless labiovelar,
>Do you have a symbol for breaking false digraphs, like the extended
>SAMPA hyphen?

No, but $ (with a history of being used as a separator) is available.

>How does one distinguish ejectives and implosives? Does one rely on
>the accompanying text to spell out which positions have ejectives
>and which have implosives?

L & M state "we do not know of any linguistic use of voiced ejectives".
Voiceless implosives can be handled with the voiceless modifier (Lendu

>I can see a possible problem with discussing West Yorkshire (or
>thereabouts) pronuciations - I can imagine 'hardening' varying
>between [a:d.nIn], [a:d.n.In], [a:d.n.In], [a:d.n..In] and
>[a:d.&nIn]. Perhaps Piotr can advise on the locality - I can't
>remember precisely where English contrasts dental and retroflex
>consonants on the Sewdish model.

I suppose that's retroflex syllabic. Yeah, I wasn't happy with that, but
both are such logical choices... I see comma is still unassigned, so I'll
use comma for "syllabic".

>If I use your scheme, I'll try to remember a nasalised lateral
>approximant is better [lN] than [l~].

Hmm.. /N/ is too ambiguous too. Better assign unassigned M as an
alternative to ~ nasalization.

The remaining ambiguities are:

H : voiceless pharyngeal fric. / aspiration
H": voiceless epiglottal fric. / breathy voice
R : uvular approximant / rhotic vowel
W : voiceless labiovelar / labialization
L : voiceless lateral / lateral release
N : velar nasal / nasal release

These can be resolved by introducing a break $. To clear up ambiguities
elsewhere, I think I can introduce a few more in this category:

?" : epiglottal stop / creaky voice
G : voiced velar fricative / velarization
¿" : voiced epiglottal approx. / pharyngealization
J : palatalization (not ambiguous)

Other ambiguities:

` : implosive/ejective / secondary stress / falling tone (51)
' : primary stress / rising tone / palatalization (altern. -> J)
3 : affricate IPA dz / mid tone
~ : velarized/pharyngealized (l~) / nasalized (alternative -> M)
/ : global rise / raised
\ : global fall / lowered
< : linguolabial / RTR (but you don't need a symbol for [-ATR])
^ : palatal (post-alveolar) / rising-falling tone (454 etc.)
_ : linking [what's that?] / non-syllabic

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