These are perfect examples of usage of "nearest-neighbor" shifts in reconstruction.
I can now show by example what kinds of things I am proposing.

Piotr Gasiorowski wrote:
08-08-03 09:37, Richard Wordingham wrote:

> Vedic Sanskrit almost completed [l] > [r], and I believe some
> Iranian languages did complete the merger.  Piotr could name
> examples.  Otherwise, I'll have to hunt through the archives on
> Cybalist.

Well, Avestan had no /l/ at all, and later Iranian /l/'s are of
secondary origin

(e.g. *d [and intervocalic *-t-] > l in Pashto,
How about th>l, th>dh>d instead

*rj > l
in Ossetic,
How about -rth->rsh> rj and rth>rl>l

Obviously the principle(s) has/have repercussions on reconstruction.
/l/ in foreign loans, etc.).


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