To further add to the confusion, I'm none too sure of the articulation of
the nasal in <rink>; I well remember my disbelief when I saw 'ink' written
with the velar nasal in the initial teaching alphabet (i.t.a.).


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> > I was taught Eng. ring [riN] Vs rink [riNk].
> > This is supported by Daniel JONES's transcriptions.
> >
> > Shouldn't it be [riNg] Vs [riNk]?
> that depends on the dialect... in my dialect it would be [r\iNg_}] and
> [r\iNk]...
> from my experience, /N/ is usually [N] or [Ng_}] and /Nk/ is usually [Nk]
> or [Nk_}], with [N] and [Nk] being most common.
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