Does anyone know how I can obtain a copy of Weera Ostapirat's PhD
dissertation? LV Hayes has told me that it was published in 2000 under the
name of Proto-Kra [sic] as volume 23.1 of _Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman
Area_. This cannot be confirmed from the LTBA web site, however, as the
site is way out of date.

Amazon don't stock it and the Thai bookshops don't have it either. I
searched two chains' on-line catalogues and enquired in person at Asia Books
(Thaniya Plaza, off Silom).

I think this is on-topic at Austronesian because Laurent Sagart says
Tai-Kradai is Austronesian (East Coast Linkage to be precise), and at Phonet
because it relates to sound changes.