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> Richard to Piotr: Thank-you for the very interesting reply.
> > Robert Blust ("Patterns of sound change in the Austronesian
> languages". In: Philip Baldi [ed.]. 1990. _Linguistic Change and
> Reconstruction Methodology_. Berlin/NY: Mouton de Gruyter. 231-267)
> cites a number of interesting AN developments involving nasality
> (being a vast family with a relatively well-reconstructed history,
> is an excellent testing ground for would-be "diachronic
> Here are a handful of examples:
> I am having difficulty getting access to this GB £319, 752 page
> book - the Hertfordshire library service definitely does not have
> anything by Baldi. Does anyone know how poor (or good) a
> substitute 'Patterns of Change: Linguistic Change and
> Methodology' (343pp, US$39) with Baldi as author would be? I am
> considering buying the latter.

My source was wrong - Baldi is the editor, not the author, of the
smaller book. The smaller book is a much cheaper subset of the
larger book, and includes the paper by Blust.