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Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2002 7:23 PM
Subject: Software for recurrence plots and analysis. Re: [phoNet] Fw: SC UniPad 0.97 released


                    thank you for the link. I have found some software that
I thought might be of interest for someone here. It is a program
that makes recurrence plots and some analysis of recurrence. It is
based on the idea that a multidimensional dinamic system can be
reconstructed from a linear or temporal sequence of data that generates.
One of the more interesting messures, I think, is the amount of enthropy
wich, given a number of dimensions and a delay, a given sequence
may have. Enthropy is a messure of the informativiness of the sequence,
0% enthropy means total unpredictability and 100% means total
predictability. For example, if a vowel is pronounced in isolation its
enthropy gets near 100%, but inside a word its enthropy might be
much more lower near the 50%. It is not clear to me how to interpret
data, but even if one is not interested the plots are nice, have
mouvement (the arrow of time being from the south-left towards
the north-right direction) and might be considered artistic.
As data can be introduced .wav sound files.


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