Hello. Urban. Thank you for that link, i have a comment to it.
The web site has to be with phonic symbolism, a kind of symbolism
that use to be related to a *semantical* symbolism of sounds. Also I have
some interest on it, but i consider that phonetics itself is a science of
phonic symbolism, and you find it when you try to make the difference
between phonetics and phonemics, and when raising to the level
of words and sintaxis there is and obvious symbolism, for example: cat/cats
where /s/ means plural, here what i can't say is if that is a psychologicaly
motivated symbolism or just a complitely arbitrary relationship, and that is
-i think- the interesting point to search in phonic symbolism. I don't
phonic symbolism to human universal traits of language.

I don't know, but you might find something along those lines at
http://www.conknet.com/~mmagnus/ (I haven't explored the site myself; I just
stumbled across it a while ago).



Santander - Cantabria