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> Subject: Re: Alveloa
> What is "mainstream RP"?

Generally, the stereotypical "British accent" of English.

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> Subject: Re: err
> >In my 1979 IPA table, the uvular flap AND uvular trill both are given
with a capital R?
> >Outdated? So I did not know what you meant with small cap r:
> is that in the present IPA chart (on the Net), the uvular flap R

Apparently. My IPA chart hasn't got an uvular flap.

> I see that with small cap r you mean what I would call capital R:

Well, it's a small capital R. There is no actual capital R in the IPA.

> >>This [R] sound (the IPA symbol is a small cap R) is heard in some
substandard varieties
> of French (Edith Piaf often used it)
> >>If there is no vibration at all, but the back of the tongue approaches
the uvula, we can
> get a uvular voiced fricative or approximant (the latter if there is no
sound of
> friction). Both are symbolised in the IPA with an upside-down small cap R;
here let's use
> [R/] for easier reference (let's say that / = "upside-down").<<
> ***In the IPA chart, there's no R/ under approximant?

Right. There is, apparently, no uvular approximant sign at all.