Could the Slavs on this group give me a quick and dirty way to form the
English adjective for the Nenets language? Is 'Nenetsy' the Russian
adjective for this Uralic language?

I'm looking for 'Nenetsic', a la Germanic Slavic Italic Hellenic

The Russian adjective looks like Nenetsky, from Nentsy 'the Nenets
people'. Why not Nenetsian? :)

Or just Nenets, best of all. In English, there's a sensible tradition
of using adj. = n. in troublesome cases. Basque, Yukaghir, Zulu, etc.
serve so well in both functions that who would need "Basquian" or
"Zuluic"?. I've never seen anything else than "the Nenets
people/language" in scientific usage. The Polish adjectve is nieniecki
(from Nieńcy, the people); the forms are closely parallel to the
Russian ones. Anyway, what does it matter which form is preferred by
Slavs? Here's a useful link.


Yes, I will agree with Piotr. Nenets plain and simple; use the noun as
an adjective.