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Sent: Friday, April 21, 2000 8:12 AM
Subject: [phoNet] Glottals.

Mark writes:
The yes-grunt is smooth, while the no-grunt has a very brief cessation of sound initially and in the middle. It's a glottal even at this reduced stage?

This brief but abrupt cessation is due to a momentary closure of the opening between the glottal folds, a.k.a. a glottal stop. What may appear in the middle of the affirmative grunt is the half-voiced counterpart of [h], transcribed as [ɦ] (the FULLY voiced counterpart would be just a vowel sound). Mhm [m̩m̥m̩] (a voiceless [m] in the middle) is another internationally popular yes-noise, while [m̩ʔ], [ɜ̃ʔ] or [ʔɜ̃ʔ] is a no-noise, at least in Polish.