Dear Friends,

The word #4 of the "Words Under the Lens Series" is the Latin word LEGATUS which means "ambassador", [Cassell's Compact Latin-English and English-latin dictionary, Cassel-London, 1962, p. 144].

1.    The word LEGATUS, deciphered letter-by-letter as "ELGUTA-S", where letter "G" is a replacement for Turkish letter "Ç", is a restructured and disguised form of the Turkish expression "ELÇUTU" (ELÇIDI) meaning "He is ambassador". Turkish word ELÇI means "ambassador", that is, "a person representing another country" and ELÇIDI (ELÇIDU) means "he is ambassador".  Thus, the manufacturer (anagrammatizer) of this Latin word, in stead of using the root word ELÇI (E:ÇU) in Turkish, he wrapped it with a Turkish suffix and called it "ambassador".  Since the Turkish text is disguised in an alien format, the word is stolen intentionally to make a new language.  

The word LEGATUS can also be deciphered as "ALGETU-S" in which case it is the Turkish expression "ALCIDU" (ALÇIDU) meaning "He is a believer of God AL" or "He is a godly representative" and alternatively, "he is a guest from AL believers".  This makes the Ambassador an "untouchable".  That is probably why it is said that "the ambassador (messenger) may not be harmed" ("elçiye zeval olmaz", "elçiye dokunulmaz" in Turkish). Thus, initially,  the source of the Turkish word "ELÇI" may have been from Turkish word "ALCI".

2.    Related to the Latin word LEGATUS (ambassador), there is also the Latin word "LEGATIO" meaning "office of an ambassador", [Cassell's Compact Latin-English dictionary, 1962, p. 144].

The word LEGATIO, deciphered letter-by-letter as "ELGI-OTA", is a restructured and disguised form of the Turkish expression "ELÇI ODA" meaning "room of ambassador" (office of ambassador).  in which Turkish ODA (OTA) means "room".  An "office" is a "room" where appointed persons work. In this case no wrapping has taken place.  Since the Turkish source text has been altered and disguised, we can say that it has been usurped into "Latin" from Turkish.

It is seen that the decipherment of the words LEGATUS (ambassador) and LEGATIO "office of an ambassador" corroborate each other as shown above.  

3.    The Italian word AMBASSADORE and the English word "AMBASSADOR" are the same and mean Latin  LEGATUS .

The word AMBASSADORE,  deciphered letter-by-letter as "BAS-EMSADAR-O", where letter M is an alphabetcal up shift from letter "L", see ,  and when this replacement is recovered, we get the word "BAS-ELSADAR-O".  This of course is nothing but a rearranged form of the Turkish expression "BAŞ-ELÇIDIR O" meaning "he is the head representative" which an "ambassadore" is known by.

Since both the Latin LEGATUS and the word AMBASSADORE are made up from Turkish expressions, it can be deduced that, the original concept of "ambassaor" was in Turkish language.

Thus, we have shown without doubt that the source of these Latin and Italian words is from Turkish expressions disguised as Latin, Italian and English.  Evidently, a lot of linguistic and historical disinformation has been perpetrated in order to cover up the Turkish related source material.  

Polat Kaya