Den 6. des. 2007 kl. 17.02 skreiv Polat Kaya:

> With this, I would like to start a "Words Under the Lens Series" in
> which I will analyse a given word and probably some of its
> relatives. This way my presentations will be short and hopefully
> will be easy on the reader. In this first one, I will deal with
> the Greek word "KRUPTOGRAPHEMATOS" describing the encryption
> concept that has been the bases for the manufacturing of many
> languages from Turkish at least since the time of Sumerians. These
> manufactured languages include the Greek and Latin and also all of
> the other European languages that are supposedly derived from a so-
> called "proto Indo-European" language which is a deceptive
> disinformation that has been "successfully" perpetrated so far.

I reckon this list is dead.