To: Mr. James M. Rogers,

I read your last postings but I must say that they proved to be a big
disappointment. The more you write, the more your writings sound like
a used-car salesmen's oration. There is a lot of verbosity and
"Babylonian" babbling but very little value and logic, if any at all.
Evidently they are designed to confuse the reader and the issue being
discussed. But that does not seem to be your concern. I can see that
your verbosity is designed to divert the discussion away from the
Greek and other Indo-European words whose true identity I have shown
to be of Turkish origin. Your "diversion" tactic is very much similar
to that of the sandpiper who tries to divert approaching danger away
from its nest by deception.

I must tell you that no matter how much verbosity and diversion
tactics you employ, you will not deter the spread of the facts I have
outlined about the nature of IE and Semitic languages and how they
were manufactured from Turkish. Those facts will be known among truth
searching linguists whether you like it or not. The world has been
conned by a few secretive cult operators for far too long. The public
at large deserves to know the facts clearly and concisely.

In arguing with me you must always remember that I am the one who
claims that the Indo-European and Semitic languages have been secretly
manufactured from Turkish. To prove my point, I give the proof in
terms of manufactured Greek, Latin, English and other language words
where I clearly demonstrate how they are distortions of a Turkish word
or phrase. You are supposed to dwell on my examples and not divert the
discussion to some other irrelevent direction. You can tell me that I
am right in which case you will be regarded as accepting my point, or
tell me that I am wrong in which case you must conclusively prove it.
Verbosity, bafflegab and dillydallying are unacceptable, otherwise you
will be regarded as an intentional "confuser" and "trickster" as you
have been doing in all of your postings. Besides, I do not have time
for that kind of wandering vacillation.

You described yourself as someone who likes word games and puns.
Instead of being genuinely interested in finding the true nature of
the IE and Semitic languages, you are playing games with me. You are
fixated on trying to find artificial weaknesses in my argument where
there is none. You have even altered some of my explanations and
attributed verbology to me when I never said it. In your subtle ways,
you are throwing mud on me but you are not being scholarly although
you try hard to put that kind of a gloss on it.

My revelation, which I have proven with many examples, states that
the Indo-European and Semitic languages are artificial languages
manufactured from Turkish words and phrases but without acknowledging
and crediting the Turkish source. This is the "fire" that you are
trying to put out with verbosity and diversions, however, this will
not be easy to do because people are reading and making judgements
for themselves.

I have responded to your last postings separately, and most likely for
the last time, as I do not have time for your endless rambling. You
have already got more of my time than you deserve. You are still
welcome, however, to continue to read and learn from my revelations.

Best wishes to all,

Polat Kaya.