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> Thanks a lot for the interesting ideas, but could you, please,
possibly list at least some of the lexical examples you are
mentioning? Thank you in advance.

From Finnic we have (see the Laryngeal entry in Wikipedia):

Finnish PIE
kal-ja (beer) *h2el (bitter)
lehti (leaf) *bHlh1dH (leaf)

Not that these two examples are unproblematical...

The Wiki article also mentions Finnish teke (do) and links it PIE
*dHeh1 (put, place, do). However, I seem to remember PIE having a
root *tek meaning to do or make.

My relevant possible Etruscan-PIE cognates:

*k'eh1i (set in motion) ces (lay, set, establish)
*leh1i/leh1u (leave behind) les (offer, give)

Okay, it's a pretty small list, but I did say it was all uncertain.