"Petusek" <petusek@...> wrote:
> what are the reconstructed Nostratic counterparts of the PIE
> (so-called) laryngeals? Can anybody give me any examples, please?
> Thank you.

"etherman23" <etherman23@...> wrote:
> It's been suggested that word final h2 (the only laryngeal found word
> finally) developed from PPIE *k (*k doesn't appear word finally).
> Bomhard, IIRC, reconstrcuts 4 laryngeals and equates them with 4
> Afrasian laryngeals. Kortlandt reconstructs 3 laryngeals and links
> them to Uralic and Altaic uvulars. Unfortunately I can't help you with
> examples.

My guess is:-
H1 was the glottal stop.
H2 was the voiceless epiglottal fricative heard in Arabic "MuH2ammad",
and is sometimes transcribed as [h] with a dot under. The separate
form of its Arabic letter looks like a 2 rotated 180deg.
H3 was the ayin sound, as in Arabic [muH3allim] = "teacher". the
separate form of its Arabic letter looks like a 3 rotated 180 degrees.
Some say that there were two H1's. If so, then the other form was the
ordinary h sound.