KamilKartal wrote:
<<<I spent considerable time investigating the source for these words in Greek and preparing this response. My essay below compares many words in English, Greek, Italian, Latin and Turkish for this purpose. I hope David L. will study the paper carefully as it is not idle chit-chat.<<<
In other words:
- take a set of bilingual dictionaries,
- don't let yourself be hindered by any kind of expertise in linguistics, except for advanced skills in annagrams and word puzzles,
- invent an impressingly sounding set of terms and phrases such as "sun language", "the bogus letter W", "the bogus letter 'H' being an 'I'", "the so-called Indo-European expression 'vis-a-vis'" [and i thought it was French!!],
- add a dash of blind nationalism,
and the result is... "not idle chit-chat" (and i wonder which rearranged Turkish expression hides itself behind this one...)
Gule gule,