Don't worry; be happy. :-) It's not worth getting yourself all
worked up over the nonsense that Kalyanaraman posts. He refuses to
consider anybody else's opinion, unless they subscribe to the same
nationalistic drivel in which non-Indo-European India is the center
of the universe; and there are other issues much more worth your time
and consideration than beating your head against the brick wall that
is Kalyanaraman. The brick wall of obstinacy and nationalistically-
inspired fervor is extremely resistant to the erosion effects of
reason, common sense, and persuasion.

Andy Howey

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> > Regardless of the overall content of Marco's message, which is
> rather disturbing, I don't understand the reference to Nostratica's
> demise. Kalyanaram posts his nonsense to several lists, none of
> which are in any danger of going Tango Uniform.
> >
> > Andy Howey
> >
> Sorry again for the disturbing contents!
> I had the impression that this forum was dying,
> and seeing Kalyanaram nonsense here and in other
> lists, I had a burst of anger.
> Marco