Regardless of the overall content of Marco's message, which is rather disturbing, I don't understand the reference to Nostratica's demise.  Kalyanaram posts his nonsense to several lists, none of which are in any danger of going Tango Uniform.
Andy Howey

Richard Wordingham <richard.wordingham@...> wrote:
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<marcomoretti69@...> wrote:
> I mourn Nostratica's death.
> Pseudoscience had another victory.
> I admire Kali's cult, and I think Hindus
> have sufficient trouble because of Gandhi's
> venomous inheritance.
> Atomics on Pakistan and Afghanistan would
> be a better thing than crackpot quasi-linguistics.

That is far too extreme a solution; the cost in innocent lives
outweighs the benefits.  Also, it's advocacy may even be a criminal
offence.  Please desist.

Richard (moderator).