Nostratic has been a topic under discussion for a long time and
presently is an active topic on many discussion groups.

Your point about people who evolved in different places speaking
a different language is as plausible as the antithesis which amounts
to people evolving in one specific area (say OoA) and then

I like to think of languages as different dialects whereby the speaker
of a definite "down Maine" accent cannot understand someone speaking
Creole from New Orleans. Both languages are considered to be
indigenous to America yet both New Orleans and Maine were settled
by immigrants who came from the continent.

Hope this helps.

Gerry Reinhart-Waller

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> I have never heard much about nostratic except from in this book i ran
> into in a library, and i found it quite plausible. but the question that
> came up in my mind is if people groups eveloved in different places
> would no they have completelyu separate laguages, perhaps even
> communication styles. For example, there are some languages in
> africa that are a series of clicking sounds, and theres the chinese tonal
> speech. its stuff like that that trips me up on the idea of an original
> language.