Hello linguists, respected scholars and followers

We have known that in today's days of high competitions is harder and
harder make important sicientific discovery and almost we going to
the beginning of time of end of science. That is hardly to be unique
in hopeless loopholes authoritarian social science interconnected
matrix. That is hard to decide which's school is more weighted and
find answers to questions what it mean truth. But don't think
hopelessly, we can help!

If you want to bust your carrier or to be validated as high IQ
carrier we offer:

Codex Rachonchy translation and author rights

We will deliver complete translation of full two chapters of this
mysterious book.

You can publish it under your name and we will legally refuse any
claims or identification so you will be validated as 100% author.

We know that you can bay diploma over the Internet but this is more
than that. This is really some kind of important discovery and if you
publish it in some of kind respected linguistics newspapers you will
be really regarded in scholarly community. And you will have paper
copy to hang in frame behind your desk.

If you have credit history we can arrange payment plans. For direct
payments we accept major 4 credit cards. The direct price for right
release is $100.000. We accept also other currencies and we are very

Please note that this is lest than average cost of college and this
will open to you way to many institutions, as they really need
somebody with recognition and intelligence.

We have also discounted plan if you want to join and share with other
colaques. The cost is then only 60 grand's. And the additional 20
grand's just cover extended legal burden because two scholars
sometime disrespect each other. Thus sometime additional expenditure
for counseling is required with for than median population variance.

For those les financially fortunate we offer HoUg logo and we can
list you your name in black ink for only 1000 USD in honorable HoUg
file. The membership is easy and no IQ test will be required.

The first valid offer will be accepted.

We collect 100 bucks and we can personaly chat with you on line.

Take you time think off it. With best whishes (we collect 5 grand's
dowpayment returnable if prohibited, some states off may have
different jurisdictions so this limitation may not play on your taste)

haxers of unnown grupa ® HoUg

_.._ _o_ _i_ _v_

We offer also consulting

All contact houg@...

As we expected questions visit before files on http://intellact.com

You can write too us using language. You will be contacted by really
special way.