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> http://www.ibiblio.org/expo/deadsea.scrolls.exhibit/full-
> b.gif
> i cant find beter resolution picture
> if i can
> i has also a rythm and some similar filings
> (?and 180'? mybe not)
> The Kodex R??? book is rather simple so detailed work i can left to
> other hackers. i'm looking for new code.
> Could you sugest me URLs PLZ?
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i spend almost 1/2 h and i cant find source, all are compilations a
lot of MB. On domains up to 3 level all pics some 10xkB. Even congres
libary show pic from distance. it is dated 1993? pre digital photo
era. But scaners? I think its 1/2intentional.

i get one sliced fragment with quite wisible leters. But to short to
be certain. Very sugestive.

And from low res pic i can see the rytm is going from down up not
from up to down. Even the encoded text is similar to KodexR in rythm.
But the melody is slightly faster. I will tray this low res but may
procesing time is longer i cant see clear a/e leters ending. It looks
taht it is not a original singer writng but copy of source. The ELE?
rytmons is in predictable patern so the framing for decoding should
be not so dificult. It is similat to OL:O patern in CodexR but more
vocalised. Quantum analog similar but may be completly false. This
are only preliminary impresions as im waiting for better image.

Credits for verD0ra1h for zer1734 source. Thanks.

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for sources: