Melting glaciers

It's believed that melting glaciers take years. Yes its true. But
finally sometime it's
becoming thinner, thinner and disappears.

If ice lay flat will melt at the same rate. Only mountain glaciers
move down or if the ice
cover is very thick. So we can aspect postglacial spring. Opening new
huge land. Empty
fertile unhabituated. What we can do at hat time? Go and settle.
Take willow stick to stick for trees. Take grew up branches make
fences. Get the animals
from net. Make grill. Look at sunset. And say U.

The words:
Li lid lied Sli icy
lAd den land dno blo button
rp rpie friz grip zmrz krp erth
zio zo Z mazo maZ masLo saLo (thnks*1)
tow twie topnie twa li-twi skwa

So where is the location of mazo, the new land?
From England trough Channel (sea level –150) to Ukrainian stepe

Where the ice stil residue on Rpi. How you go there to (ku) Rpi .
Where is the land when ice Li will be melt soon? Li-twi . it could be
yours (twa). Li twa.
Do we can today find it on maps*0?

historia vitae magistra
it is the time to melt the remaining of glacier time.
The lateral errors of stupidity
Or we can wait to iceberg to melt itself.
But be aware of flip/flop waves.

spring is coming.
it is time to see it. to say it.
it is time to melt the frozen crn *4

the technology today makes it possible.
to connect computers in way so
we can say, hear, decide.
to get rights to say then to be listened.
to smart and hart.
So we will no longer face walls, and ….
Send messages to nowhere (lido)

we can make direct dynamic democracy a fact in weeks.
the gift of speech was good for time ago now it insufficient.
we need better "grill"
i know how to do it and i will do it
i'm asking for help.
to make it smother and faster.
just think.

_.._ _o_ _i_

mazo Mazowsze
to rpi kurpi Kurpie nort west of it
further nort Litwa

1) for nostratica_L M. Hubey. But is sugest _i_ sugest.

everybody who can say and use the words
(and keep it in not so much changed form)
and i knew it before reading Kodeks Rahoci

4)and take note the egiptian crn (black land ) is not a black
crn crdce hart crdcici serdeczny friendly

5)only lido
or us
will hear
the thrust